Spring Recruitment

This week and last week have been the spring recruitment period for my sorority, Gamma Phi Beta. After spending several hours trying to talk to girls and sparking an interest in greek life it dawned on me that this whole process is really weird. If you break it down to the bare minimum it looks like this: We attempt to look as cute as possible in order to attract girls. We stand awkwardly in various locations on campus to perform this task and essentially bombard girls until they agree to hand over their contact info. Then we proceed to “date” these girls for a week to see if we’re actually interested in them beyond the fact that they too “looked cute.” Finally we vote to accept the girl and throw a big celebration in their honor. This is not the usual way of making friends. But what if dating went down like that? It would be so much easier to find a decent guy!

Girls would set up tables and look as cute as possible to collect contact info from a guy. Next we would set up activities throughout the week to “test-drive” this potential soul mate. All of our friends would then vote on whether or not said guy was good enough to date you and at the end there would be a big party! We could call it boyfriend recruitment! (But if we’re being honest here, this is almost how it goes anyway.)

The moral of the story is that even though this time has been reserved for recruiting new sisters, we live in a day-to-day recruitment of sorts. Our relationships are determined by the first awkward moments and followed by either bonding or moving on. I think it’s important to always put on your best face, but not one that isn’t true to who you are and what you’re about.


2 thoughts on “Spring Recruitment

  1. Recruitment is stressful and a process I still cannot understand fully. I know it is part of tradition as is all sorority events. I just started last week and it seems overwhelming and so much fun at the same time. I am not excited for work week but I am excited about getting to know more people and having more friends on campus. I think that if I didn’t join a sorority that I would not be as happy as I am and i defiantly would not have as many people that I can turn to if I am having problems. Joining a sorority has defiantly changed my life and i can understand why it is such a rigorous process.

    • During fall recruitment, I did not understand the process, nor did I think that I was necessary to go through all these “steps,” but now that I have began to learn about the process, it makes a little more sense.I really like the point you made about comparing it to everyday situations, because in reality this is how we judge people on a day to day basis. Such as first impressions meaning so much. When going through recruitment, I wondered how going through 6 houses in 2 days and talking about our life goals could determine which sorority I would join. After being a Delta Zeta for only one semester, I have met so many girls that are now my best friends and that I can all relate to somehow.

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