Happiness in Mediocrity

This weekend is President’s Day weekend, so therefore the entire campus decided to shut down. I spent the first part of the break on a trip with the Lutheran Student Center, returning to my dorm on Sunday afternoon. Everything was dead. A majority of my friends had left two days earlier and I’ve already been feeling homesick this semester. Basically it added up to a pity party for me. What’s a girl to do? Call mom.


She said that I was being a baby, but being the awesome momma that she is, hopped in the car and drove an hour to Springfield to pick me up! I got to eat real food, sleep in my queen sized bed and enjoy a little time with my greatly missed family, even if my stay is less than 24 hours.


Reflecting on this whole ordeal, I think that there is great comfort in just some mediocrity. When I got home I did nothing super fun or see anyone special beyond my dogs. I ate normal food and three too many peanut butter cookies. However, it has been so calming to be back and it has put me in a great mood. I think my generation in particular is so caught up in being stimulated and entertained that we forget to enjoy small things like familiar roads and a hug from a little sister.


College has been fantastic so far and I feel like I mature and grow all the time, but this weekend has been a reminder that I’m not ready to be an adult yet. I still need to come home to normal things and enjoy time with my sisters that are growing up all too fast.


As we branch out and prepare for real life it is important to remain appreciative of the path that brought us here. Be happy with watching Glee re-runs with the family and cuddling up with the dog. There is not always a need for excitement, but just happiness in what you’ve got.


One thought on “Happiness in Mediocrity

  1. I completely agree that It’s important to appreciate the little thing in life we so often look over. This spring break I was dreading going home. All my new friends lived in a different area than I did, and I had lost connection with the high school friends I once had. However, the moment I arrived home and realized how much my family had missed me and how much my dog needed my attention I realized that I forgot about all the little things about home life. The familiar work place, parks and shopping centers, even the creeks I played around in during summer days. I was more than excited to be back in Springfield but I appreciated the time I had at home with my family and friends.

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