About Me

I’m struggling to find a worth while topic to blurt out my thoughts on, so why not focus on myself for a quick minute?

I was born in Nevada, MO and shortly after, my parents had my little sister, Molly. The four of us (plus our cocker mix, Belle) moved to the Chicago suburbs when I was 5. After four years of fantastic memories and tight budgets, we got transferred back down to Missouri. During year one of our return, my mom had my second sister, Sophie. I have now called Carthage my home for 10 years.

I love Carthage and all the corky things that come with it like football cheers, the Maple Leaf Festival, Marian Days and the infamous Whisler Burgers. I really hope to live there after school.

Speaking of school, I am a special education major and a closet leadership trainer-aspirer. Before I teach middle school kids about social skills, I have explored the idea of being a corporate leadership trainer. Ever since my stint as an FBLA state officer, I have loved working with people and running leadership events. It’s something that I don’t want forever, but can’t seem to just forget about.

Now that I’m lacking a satisfactory transition, I’ll just list off the basic “fun facts.”

  • I love to visit Chicago! I could spend forever on the Navy Pier and have even been to the top of Sear’s Tower when it was still called Sear’s Tower and the tallest building in the world.
  • Each summer I eat enough pineapple to make my mouth raw with canker sores. Needless to say, fresh pineapple is my favorite food regardless of the side effects.
  • I am a picky-eater in slow remission. I try and eat new things often and branch out my tastebuds. However, I have discovered that my dislike of cucumbers, potatos and green beans is still active.
  • I would much rather do something active on a date than sit in a dark theater. I like bike rides (motor or petal), hikes, float trips, walks around old neighborhoods, so on and so forth.
  • I could swing on a swingset all day long.

I believe that’s enough access into my world for this evening. As usual this blog is finished just before the deadline! Goodnight folks


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I too have lived in Chicago for a couple of years, and I love it there. The sports and the history and buildings are something to see there. I still have a lot of family up in the north side so I’m always visiting. Great to know that someone else from class is also from Chicago

  2. I thought I was the only one who had that problem with pineapples… And I’ve definitely thought something was horribly wrong with me for it haha. And there is actually a Whisler’s here (downtown) – I also love it! Is your cocker spaniel mean? Everyone tells me that my cocker spaniel is the only nice one they’ve ever met (despite the fact that she’s kind of snobby).

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