Brighten Your Day with Some Motivation!

If you have not investigated the YouTube sensation, Kid President, let me tell ya, it’s worth your time. Produced by Rainn Wilson (Dwight from The Office), these videos are hysterical and often contain some kind of positive message. The channel, Soul Pancake, also posts videos about real stories, short films, artist features, and so on. I highly suggest checking this out the next time you’re in the mood to waste some time. (But it’s not really a waste!)


2 thoughts on “Brighten Your Day with Some Motivation!

  1. Oh my gosh! I watched the video, and it totally made my day! It is so cute! He is so young but he makes a good point! We need to try our best because we are all in this together, on the same team. He incorporates so many good points and different reference. I am now addicted.

  2. I watched this video in my Public Speaking class. I loved it so much, and have watched it a couple times since then. He provides such a great message! He is so cute!

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