brick wall

So the big project rough draft is due tomorrow. I have roughly 23 hours to whip out something amazing and educated and insightful and impressive. Currently I have about 3 pages of scrambled thoughts and complicated sentences that are difficult to read. Also, there are no citations to prove that what I’m spewing out is actually valid. In conclusion, I am driving the struggle bus with this paper.

I think the biggest factor in my blockage of awesome is a serious lack of motivation. It’s not that I loath writing (I mean, I am ranting here on this oh so lovely blog for your enjoyment) but I just don’t feel the fire under my ass to get it done.

I’m hoping that this free write of rambling crap will help clear out the brick wall that is currently looking like the paper I’m supposed to be feverishly writing.

If you have successfully made it to the end of my brilliance, here’s a video link to lift your spirits! It’s amazing what medical technology can do!


2 thoughts on “brick wall

  1. oh girl me too. I feel like my paper is just a bunch of repeated thoughts and that it drags on. I have my whole paper written with no citations as well, so i am going to have to go back and do that which is going to take me awhile. WHen I am supposed to be writing a paper, i do everything i can to avoid doing it or put it off. Its horrible. I am just so burnt oout on school and ready for summer that this is getting harder and harder!

  2. WHHHOOOOOHHHHOOOOOOO!!!! I hope your paper turned out well. I know how you feel with lack of motivation at times. Luckily, I worked on my rough draft a few weeks back or else I believe I would be sitting in your shoes. I think that it is the time of year that people are just wanting to throw their hands up and surrender. Freshman want to say they are almost done with their first year of college and sophomores and juniors don’t have much to say other than they want summer. Seniors are the ones who are really chomping at the bit. They want the semester to end so they can graduate and move on with the next phase of their life.

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