Everyone goes to the bathroom. It’s part of life. Gross and weird, maybe, but still an event (or 6) that happens every day. After doing your “duty” the next step in the equation is washing your hands. This should also be an event that happens daily. Using a little soap and warm water is not gross or weird, but actually normal, expected even.

Over this year I have come to notice that some of the girls that I share a bathroom with do not feel the need to just utilize some soap. Let me paint this picture: About 40 of us live together on the floor and all of us use the bathroom centered on the hall. This bathroom is equipped with 5 sinks, 2 soap dispensers and 2 blow dryers, AKA all the necessary materials to just wash your hands. I walk my 25 feet to the bathroom door, unlock it with my key card and proceed to use the restroom. As I am washing my hands (LIKE A NORMAL, CLEAN and SANITARY person) previously stated “girl” exits the stall and heads straight to the door.

In my head, I’m standing there thinking, “EWWWWW! Girl friend, you forgot a MAJOR step in this process!! Get your mean-muggin’ self back in here and wash your dang hands!” But instead I just make a face and try not to think about it.

The fact of the matter is, washing your hands is important. Nobody wants “poop hands” as a nickname, that’s just not right. So do yourself and the other restroom users (meaning the entire planet) a favor and throw some soap on those nasty paws.



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